Wolf’s Lane Park

Close to stores and restaurants this park is a wonderful place to take in the sun. Sit in the shade of the trees or grab a spot on the grass.

Right across the street you can visit our Beauty Spa.

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Woodland Park Playground

Ready for playtime. a great place to let your little ones burn some energy.

Willson’s Woods Swimming Pool

“A very beautiful pool. The Wave pool does it for me in addition to the slides, kiddie pool and sprinklers. Friendly staff.”

Willson’s Woods Park is just beautiful! So nice to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while.


"Let's go explore the park!" I shouted, jumping up and down.
 I eagerly grabbed my bike helmet off of its hook on the wall. 
 My friend followed suit, and we headed out to one of Westchester County's Parks. We began our bike ride by zipping through trees, evergreen shrubs, and boulders before reaching a dirt trail that climbed up to an open meadow with views of the Hudson River in one direction and Storm King Mountain in another. 



I was the type of kid that loved going outdoors. I had always been fascinated by nature and everything around me, so I couldn’t wait to explore when my family moved to Westchester County. My dad and I would often go on hikes in the area together because he loves being out in nature as much as I do! One day we went down into a ravine with an old schoolhouse at the bottom of it. When we got there, instead of hiking back up like usual, we explored all over this place for hours before finally heading home. It felt good knowing that even though my neighborhood wasn’t big on green spaces where kids could get outside more easily than they might be able to elsewhere if you just looked hard.